• 05 Sep
    Gr. 3 - 9 MAP Testing 02:00 AM to 02:00 AM

  • 28 Sep
    Health Records Due All Day

  • 29 Sep
    Degla Dash All Day

  • 06 Oct
    Armed Forces Holiday All Day

  • 23 Nov
    U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday All Day

  • 30 Nov
    Prophet's Day Holiday (subject to change) All Day

  • 25 Jan
    Revolution/ Police Day Holiday All Day

  • 08 Mar
    CAC Holiday All Day

  • 05 Sep - 09 Mar
  • 25 Apr - 26 Apr

Rigorous & Authentic Educational Program

Rigorous & Authentic Educational Program

Cairo American College is the premier American international school in Cairo, Egypt. CAC's classrooms, programs, curriculum, and teachers promote and deliver a rigorous and authentic educational program that leads students explicitly and implicitly to activism and to the pursuit of positive contributions to their community, while encouraging them to excel to their highest level of achievement. Students engage in real-world learning experiences that afford them the opportunity to learn how to use their knowledge and skills to make a positive difference in their school, neighborhood, country and/or world. Learning at CAC is engaging because students know it matters; it is exciting because students know they are making a difference; it is fun because it happens collectively, cooperatively, and collaboratively.



The CAC Theatre — a cornerstone of the CAC community experience—is a reminder of CAC's long tradition of excellence and innovation in education. It is a gathering place for our greater community, providing space for dramatic and musical performances, art exhibitions, student-led events, and thought-provoking lectures.   Our current theatre is well worn, well loved, and in need of...


Give to Gain Pass the Parcel is a “child-to-child” service initiative that seeks to empower children through giving. Founded by a group of CAC elementary students with a passion for kindness, Pass the Parcel is driven by CAC’s core values of integrity, creativity, perseverance, courage, respect, responsibility and compassion. Pass the Parcel is not about decluttering our rooms; it’s...


    Nora Shawki ‘08 discovered her passion for Egyptology two weeks after arriving at CAC in third grade. “We had to take an Egypt culture class, and my teacher Jailan Abbas showed us a movie reenactment of Howard Carter discovering King Tut’s tomb.” She explained, “it was one of the first times I saw anything that had to do with Egyptology, and this class made me more interested...