Cairo American College


In the event of space constraints, admissions categories and priorities are defined in Policy 8.202

Cairo American College was established primarily to serve American children in Egypt. The following categories guide the admissions process.

Category One:

Dependents of US expatriate employees of organizations with policy-mandated Board appointments.

Category Two:
Dependents of expatriate US citizens or US permanent residents.

Category Three:
Dependents of non-US expatriate employees of organizations with policy-mandated Board appointments.

Category Four:
Dependents of non-U.S. expatriate employees.

Category Five:
Qualified siblings of current CAC students.

Category Six:
Non-U.S. applicants who have been enrolled in U.S. schools or overseas schools that offer an American curriculum immediately prior to applying to CAC.

Category Seven:
All others.
In addition to these priorities, decisions regarding admission of applicants may be based on other factors including, but not limited to, an assessment of the student’s potential to be successful at CAC, contribution to the school’s educational and co-curricular program, and the school’s goal to maintain a cultural balance in the student body as well as the American character of the institution as prescribed by CAC’s mission.
When approaching facility or programmatic limitations, a waiting list for admission will be developed and administered by the Director of Admissions. Only applicants who have fulfilled application requirements are eligible for the waiting list.

Board approved and issued: May 11, 1993
Revised: January 20, 1998, May 15, 2007, April 22, 2008, December 16, 2008, March 16, 2010, May 22, 2012



1 Midan Digla, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt


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