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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Dear CAC Community,

We started the 2019-2020 school year with anticipation as we looked forward to a year of academics, parent-teacher conferences, friendships, athletics, theater, arts, and activities. We expected to be greeted daily by our teachers and the smiling faces of Ms. Jackson-Jin, a good morning from Mr. Bailey, and a warm hello from Mr. Duggan. We expected to meet with friends on the lawn, compete in the new athletics league ISAA, study in the library, play soccer on the field, among the many cherished activities that make CAC the place where we all want to be. Our seniors, who’ve come to the end of their academic career at CAC, expected to experience their last day of school, senior walk and senior prom. There were many things we expected to do during this academic year. Instead, we find ourselves in an increasingly challenging time of disruption and a new normal that in no way resembles our expectations. This has caused enormous changes in the daily life of our beloved CAC community.

The CAC Board of Trustees has three primary mandates: First and foremost, we protect the mission and core values of the school, which make CAC special and unique. Second, we ensure sound financial governance. This builds a solid foundation and springboard for the Head of School and administration to run the day to day functions of the school. Third and most importantly, we appoint and oversee the Head of School. CAC is very fortunate to have someone of the caliber of Dr. Jared Harris running the School during this time of uncertainty.

We are very proud of our CAC students and especially our seniors. They have developed into thinkers, writers, problem solvers, team players and leaders who are passionate about solving important problems that will, I have no doubt, save the world. They have learned to eloquently voice their opinion while respectfully listening to others. The board expresses its most sincere congratulations to our seniors who are due to walk across the stage on Friday August 14th at the foot of the pyramids and the sphinx. The seniors are a reflection of the best of CAC. These fine young men and women are leaving CAC in a world of uncertainty and disruption with little clarity as to what the future may bring at this time of global strife. That being said, we have confidence in their extraordinary abilities to cope with adversity. Naturally, no other class is better prepared and I personally am rooting for each and every one of them. 

This has been an especially challenging year and we couldn’t have pulled through without your support. A big thank you to our parents for your notable display of courage and perseverance: both of which are CAC core values. On behalf of the board, I would like to express my gratitude to all parents for supporting our students with e-learning at home while balancing your own increasing roles and responsibilities. We know how 

hard this has been. Thank you to our general and support staff for allowing us to continue to operate undisrupted and maintain some sense of normal during a time that is anything but normal. A very special thank you goes to our teachers. You are truly the lifeline of this school as you deliver academic material through virtual means, but also step into roles as mentors, friends, confidants and outstanding role models during this unprecedented and challenging time. Teaching requires dedication, warmth, patience and love of children and your daily effort is recognized and appreciated.

The board has been blessed to be working with our head of school Dr. Jared Harris and his leadership team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Harris for his love of CAC, his clarity of mind, and open, clear communication. Finally, thank you to the Board of Trustees who have been a solid foundation throughout this ordeal, a harmonious team, flexible in holding emergency meetings, providing differing perspectives that allow us to make more informed decisions. Your board officers for next year are - Secretary: Ursula Hammerich - Treasurer: May Oweiss - Chair: Maha ElShinnawy. The board is also pleased to welcome two new members to our team during the next academic year: Hassan Abdou and Amal Soliman.

As we look back on this academic year: we are fortunate to have made progress in all of our board goals for the 2019-2020 school year. First, we made significant strides in supporting the administration towards safe completion of the high school renovation project and instilling a culture of safety in the CAC campus. Second, the board has been working on reviewing and updating our existing strategy for financial sustainability. Third, the board has been working on a feasibility plan for establishing a presence in New Cairo while maintaining the CAC Maadi Campus. Finally, the board has been working to promote a school wide strategy for health, wellness and safety. This summer the board will hold its annual retreat and work towards establishing our goals for the next academic year which we will be sharing with you in the beginning of the school year. 

During a time of difficulty and challenge we are ever so grateful to be surrounded and supported by such a warm, dedicated and supportive CAC community. Thank you for entrusting us to uphold the CAC mission and core values. I wish you all a very healthy, safe and peaceful summer ahead. With my warmest regards,

Maha ElShinnawy, 

CAC Board Chair

2019-2020 CAC Board Members: Mark Avery (Apache Rep), David Burgess (BP Rep), Randall Budden (US Embassy Rep), May Oweiss (Appointed Rep),  Tarek Zaghloul (Community Rep), Ursula Hammerich (Community Rep), Marwan Ziwar (Community Rep)



1 Midan Digla, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt

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