Kindly note the process for requesting a substitute teacher below:

Pre-planned Leaves - (Personal, Vacation, Professional, Maternity, Administrative, Unpaid): 

  • Fill out the Request for Leave’  form also available on the  Dashboard;
  • Approve it by your divisional principal.;
  • Email me the details of your leave
    • Dates; schedule and blocks
    • Number of days you will need a substitute to cover your classes;
    • The type of leaving you are requesting.
  • Wait for my email confirming the appointment of a substitute;
  • Prior to your leave, please make sure the following is available in your classroom for the substitute teacher:
    • detailed lesson plans;
    • necessary supplies;
    • class list and schedule;
    • Emegency clibboard. 
  • If you would like to meet your substitute prior to your absence, make sure you notify me as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements..  

Unplanned Leave - (Sick, Emergency): 

If you have an emergency or unexpectedly fall ill and will require a substitute in the morning or during the same day: 

  • Please call and speak to me directly at  0100-667-2356 as soon as you can to give me enough time to arrange for your substitute.
  • Always try to be as prepared as possible and provide me with your schedule for the day/s. 
  • Make sure you have lesson plans organized, class lists and schedules. 
  • Give your substitute as much time and information as possible to properly prepare for the day;
  • Fill out a Request for Leave form and submit to your principal at the earliest possible date for approval. 

General Guidelines -

  • I am available to receive substitute requests from 6:30AM- 8:30PM Sunday - Thursday.
  • I can be reached during the weekend for emergency requests.
  • Always make sure you receive an email from me confirming a substitute for your classes. 
  • Please do not contact the substitute yourself. 
  • If you have a preference for a specific substitute, specify his/her name and I will try to secure him/her.  If for any reason he/she is not available, I will provide the best available substitute for your class. 
  • If another staff member will cover your class, it is important that you inform both your divisional principal and myself. 
  • Make sure you have sufficient lesson plans to cover the duration of class time. 
  • Substitutes are not allowed to assess or evaluate student work. 
  • Providing feedback regarding the substitute’s performance will help ensure hiring/keeping the best substitutes. 
  • Text messages and emails for a short term notice are not an effective method of communication, and I can’t guarantee that I can help you with a substitute if I am contacted through either of those means. If you urgently need a substitute please call me on my telephone number. 
  • Substitute requests for personal, maternity, professional, vacation, administrative or unpaid leaves will be processed after you have received written approval from your divisional principal.  Written approval must be obtained prior to your absence. 

Contact information: 

Phone #: 0100-667-2356

Email: subbingcoordinator@cacegypt.org

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