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Not only do we have a diverse student body, but the same applies to our faculty as well. Our highly professional teachers come with years and years of teaching experience. Their backgrounds also nurture our diverse environment, bringing a more global outlook. They genuinely love kids and love teaching, and therefore have the students' success as their priority.


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Our teachers are dedicated, passionate and excited by the prospect of working within an international, diverse community.

Our strong team of educators, many holding advanced degrees, brings a great deal of teaching experience gained from around the world in multicultural school environments. Professional development is an ongoing priority at CAC as we believe a school flourishes when its teachers are committed to lifelong learning.

If you are a fully-qualified teacher interested in a challenging and rewarding teaching experience in an international school in a unique location like Egypt, browse our list of job opportunities and get in touch with us at: 

Read below four Inspiring Stories about our teachers' special moments at CAC and in Egypt.


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