Head of School 04-06-2017


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 Head of School's Newsletter - April 6, 2017

Half Day Today….WWTD? (What Will Teachers Do?)

Today is a Professional Development Half Day, one of eight we can put in our calendar each year for teachers to work on the important job of improving their practice. We use this time for discussion, training, sharing, reflection, research. Today, Teachers will gather in the Theater and present to one another their findings from a year’s worth of Action Research based on our Strategic Plan Goal 1.3 about learning, differentiation, and challenging all learners. 13 committees have been working through the year on investigations in their content area or grade level Questions include:

  • Grades 4-5:  Raising questions about Words Their Way; continued examination of use and development of vocabulary in context.

  • MS/HS Mathematics:  Looking at Assessments and Student Motivation for students to choose higher challenge; considering ways that Harkness can provide a means.

  • MS/HS Social Studies:  Documented means of differentiation already, looking at differences in grading points and standards based; looking to Harkness for differentiation into middle school.

  • MS/HS Science:  Articulating assessments that can better challenge higher ability students.

  • PreK-12 The Arts:  Developing a common language within the arts and teaching strategies to facilitate excellence.





Egypt Culture Celebration--Come out and Join the Fun!!

You are cordially invited to share the annual Egypt Festival to celebrate the different aspects of our host country culture. Activities will take place Tuesday, April 11th, Wednesday, April 12th and Thursday April 13th. The three days events are planned to give a flavor of Egypt. Galabeeyya vendors, brass and mashrabeyya craftsmen, renowned artists displaying their ceramics, mosaics, paintings and automated toys are part of the activities. Tasty Egyptian bread will be freshly baked in our very own mud-brick oven on Thursday. All talented CAC elementary students will participate in the morning assembly on Thursday at 7:55 in the theater. The rest of the day students will be engaged in learning different Egyptian arts' activities related to their Egyptian Culture curriculum culminating with the closure assembly at 2:30 in the theater.

Please check the schedule of events to plan accordingly.

Egypt Festival Team



Annual Community Satisfaction Surveys Coming Soon

Each year CAC surveys community members to gather important feedback about multiple topics:  student learning, campus facilities, curriculum, activities and sports, and leadership.  Surveys are sent to parents, students, teachers and staff, and trustees.  Surveys are completed electronically and are anonymous.

Input from parents is especially important because you selected CAC as the place to educate your child.   The surveys will arrive by email in the near future.  The surveys will take less than 20 minutes to complete.  There are opportunities to provide written feedback as well.


As with last year, if you have more than one child attending CAC at different grade levels, you have the opportunity to complete a portion of the survey for each child at CAC separately.  This gives you the chance to provide specific feedback based on the different experiences of each child.  


Each parent/guardian is encouraged to complete the survey.  

If you have any questions, please contact David Chadwell, Curriculum Coordinator, dchadwell@g-cacegypt.org.



Board Annual General Meeting:

CAC’s Board of Trustees invites you to attend the Board Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, April 26, 6:00-7:00 PM in MS room 115 located on the 1st floor of the Middle School building.  The Head of School, Administrators and Board Committee Chairs will report on school wide, divisional and Board accomplishments this year.  You will have a chance to ask questions and share input.



Booster Club's Spirit Store's Biggest sale of the year!

Front gate, Monday, April 10 from 2:30-4:00pm

Everything on sale at amazing prices. Spirit Cafe's treats will be available for sale!



News from the MHS Library

Fake News?  

There has been extensive discussion about “fake news” in the past few months.  We have created a display in the library that encourages students to read news, think about its authenticity and we have a tips to evaluating news.   Take a look on your way by.



Maker Day in the library

Lena Ahmed, Library Assistant, has shared her talent and love of quilling during the last two Maker Days.  The students are incredibly focused as they create patterns, images and scenes out of small strips of paper.     



Alumna Cookbook Author Yasmine Nazmy to visit on Monday

Drop in the MHS Library  between 2:00 - 4:00 on Monday, April 10th to meet the Author and CAC Alumna Yasmine Nazmy to talk about her book of healthy recipe  "Happy Belly".   She will talk about the process of writing the book, share some recipes and have some samples of food.  

Lost and Found

Part of educating students at CAC is encouraging independence through increasing responsible behaviors. We constantly encourage students to label their items so that they are easily identified and returned back to the owner. It is also important that students know what to do when they lose any of their items.

Here is what we advise students to do when they report a lost item:

1- Look everywhere (lost & found table/class/playground/inside backpacks/home ,etc,...)

2- Ask Others (friends/teachers/parents/siblings,etc,..)

3-Ask parents to report to the lost and found link. Upper grade students can do this too.

4- Use the same link to report when item is found.

In order to support our students and community members with the above process, we created the below Lost and Found link to help us track of lost and found items.