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When passing through the lobby of the CAC theater, you’ll see CAC’s newest gift of artwork: a stunning glass mosaic. Elhamy Naguib, parent of alumni Camelia ’93, Wanis ’96, and Silvana ’00, created this original piece in memory of his wife Carol, a beloved member of the community, who taught at CAC from 1975-1987.The mosaic was inspired by Elhamy’s 1974 painting, “Paradise Before Sin”, which holds a special place in the Naguib family history. As Elhamy tells it: "I painted this huge painting to cover an ugly wardrobe in our first apartment. Being totally in love, I found this theme fitting for our aspirations. Adam and Eve and the rest of the garden of Eden, in a hide-and-seek fashion, was a good conversation piece and a start on a dialogue for our elusive Utopia." Over the years this piece has travelled with the family from Egypt to the US and back.



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 Elhamy contacted the CAC Alumni Office in April 2015 to inquire about the opportunity to share the artwork in mosaic form as a memorial to Carol’s legacy and her love of CAC. The family contributed and sought additional funding from friends to make the mosaic a reality. Twenty individuals donated to their fundraising campaign. Unused funds will be donated to Health and Hope Oasis, a supportive care center in Egypt that provides nutritional, physical, and emotional wellbeing for children with cancer and their families.
Be sure to stop by the theater to see this beautiful new installation that is a true labor of love. CAC thanks the Naguib family and all individuals who contributed to the installation.

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