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On Monday, November 21st, just in time for Thanksgiving, CAC held its annual appreciation lunch for its general support staff. CAC’s general support staff are the security guards, painters, janitors, gardeners, and others who keep our campus running smoothly.

A current CAC eighth grade student had the idea for students to organize this event; it has been a tradition for five years now. Every year, this lunch is planned and executed by the elementary, middle, and high school student councils with the help of key administrators in each division.

Gratitude2Families in the elementary and middle schools prepare and donate food for the picnic, and high school students donate money to create gift bags for members of the support staff. Students help set up and serve food on the day of the event. It is an opportunity for students to give thanks to the people who make our school community comfortable and safe.


Rosanna Herrera, a counselor in the CAC middle school who helped coordinate the event, explained that members of the general support staff are “our first point of contact every day. For kids, if they’re coming on the bus, the drivers and the monitors are the first people that greet them and help them start their day at school. For all of us who walk, the security guards are the ones who greet us and welcome us to school… The support staff make you feel welcome. They make our campus look beautiful. They make things run well and run seamlessly, and I think that adds to the sense of community.”


Organizing and serving at this event is also a learning opportunity for students. CAC’s service learning coordinator Mariam Hassan explained that “one of my goals is to promote the culture of giving in general. Service is not only giving to other people outside the community… There are people who are working at CAC to offer [students] a high quality education and a great campus. This is an opportunity for students to think about that and act on it.” Herrera also affirmed that “it’s important for students to practice showing gratitude and showing thanks for what other people do for their lives.”

CAC has provided generations of students and families with a welcoming campus and a dynamic learning environment. This year, we will be inviting you to join us in expressing gratitude to the CAC community in a variety of ways. To start, comment on this article and share a story about a CAC experience or community member who you are thankful for!