1. Students of C.A.C. and their immediate family members
  2. Alumni of CAC & their Parents
  3. Faculty, Support Staff, Administration, & Board Members
  4. Non-Affiliate CAC ID Holders 

Currently enrolled CAC students and their immediate family members are eligible to use the pool during recreational (open swim) hours, free of charge, as long as each family member shows their CAC ID Card at the pool window upon entering the pool facility. To activate this privilege, a parent should complete and sign a membership form, available from the Pool Office. This membership is valid as long as the student attends CAC.

Fees for pool membership, swim school classes, pool parties and house guests are charged in U.S. dollars. Payment is made to the school cashier located in the Welcome Center on the ground floor of the CAC administration building.

SCHOOL CASHIER’S HOURS: Open from 8AM-1:30PM and 2:30-3:30PM Sun.-Thurs. (school days only).

  • Please review our Rules and Regulations with your children and remind them that these rules are to ensure their safety and comfort, as well as others.
  • Children 7 years & under must be accompanied by a responsible member, 18 years or older.

The CAC Pool offers the following programs and classes during the school year: REGISTRATION for AGE GROUP Swimming is now done online.

For other programs, signup at the Pool Headquarters during Open Swim Hours ONLY
All courses are subject to minimum and maximum enrollments. Course Fees are NOT refundable.

••• POOL PARTIES!  Host a Pool Party! Pool members are eligible to rent the pool for birthday parties and other special occasions. An area can be set-aside for food and beverages as well as serving tables, upon request. Lifeguards are provided for your safety. Reserve NOW, in person at the Pool Headquarters, as available time is limited