The following have been adopted from the American Red Cross Health & Water Safety
recommendations for aquatic facilities and are enforced at the CAC pool:

  • Current pool membership is required to enter the pool deck.
  •  Every member must show his/her own card to the office aide before entering the pool deck.
  •  Children 7 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult (18 years & older).
  •  Instructions by the lifeguards must be obeyed at all times.
  •  Proper swimwear is required in the pool. No cut-offs allowed.
  •  Changing clothes is allowed only in the locker rooms.
  •  Persons with open sores or infectious conditions will not be allowed.
    Expectorating (spitting), blowing the nose, or urinating in the pool is forbidden.
  •  Glass containers or other breakable or hazardous objects are not allowed in the facility.
  •  No food, gum, candy, or beverages are permitted in the pool area.
  •  No toys are allowed on deck or in the water.
  •  A 4’ access from the pool edge must be maintained at all times, including chairs and sunbathers.
  •  Do not sit or hang on lifelines.
  •  Ladders are to be used only for entering and exiting the water.
  •  No outside equipment, swimming aides, or supports are permitted in the pool. This includes waterwings, masks, and fins.
  •  Profanity, improper behavior, and intoxication are not allowed.
  •  Horseplay, such as running, splashing, shoving or dunking is not allowed.
  •  Do not swim in or across the lap lane unless you are swimming laps.
  •  For lap swimming, kickboards and pull buoys are allowed but only for their intended purpose and only in the assigned lap lanes.
  •  No one may enter the diving area by any other method than the diving boards.
  •  Only one person is allowed on the diving board or its ladder at a time.
  •  Double bouncing, passing, hanging, handstands, or springs from a sitting position is forbidden.
  •  All dives are to be in a forward direction unless you are given permission by the lifeguard on duty.
  •  After completing your dive, swim directly to the ladder and exit the diving area.
  •  Wait until the preceding diver swims clear of the area and has reached his exit ladder before beginning your dive.

 Thank you for your cooperation in observing these rules. We hope you enjoy the aquatic programs at CAC!