Intermediate Acting

Description: This course is for 9th through 12th grade students who have completed a beginning drama course in middle school, come from another drama program, or would like to start acting regardless of what grade they are in at present. The course will emphasize ensemble, individual acting techniques, group collaboration and story creation. The students with learn skills of improvisation, devising, directing, physical theater, script writing and solo and group performance. The final project will be a class performance open to a CAC audience. The methodologies of theater practitioners including Peter Brook, Keith Johnstone, Stanislavsky and Jacques Lecoq will be explored during the course. Students will also learn about theater history and Modern Theater techniques. Blocking, directing and text analysis are taught and serve as an introduction to the IB course. Students will keep a journal for recording work.
Prerequisites: None
Credit: 1.0 credit
Length of Course: 1 year (may be repeated for credit)