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Alumni News Top Featured


MussetterCAC had a very special visitor on Jan 13. Dr. Sally Mussetter, a member of CAC’s 10th grade in 1953-54 came back to Cairo for a visit, and spent some time on campus. Dr. Mussetter is the oldest alumna that we have met to date at CAC. She attended CAC on its FIRST campus (not its second nor our current Degla location) and told us some wonderful stories. She remembers being in classrooms so cold that the ink in the inkwells would freeze! And a teacher keeping an open flame in the classroom to warm up the ink. She fondly remembered studying Geometry taught to her in Greek by the math teacher, for whom English was not a language of instruction! She was in Cairo due to her father’s 1953work for Point 4, which later developed into USAID. She came to CAC from Ohio, and after her one year here, she and her sister returned to finish high school in Ohio. She attended The Ohio State University, where she studied Literature and went on to become a professor of Medieval Literature at Oklahoma State University and then the University of Washington, where she ended her career. She now lives in Seattle





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