Elhamy1You may have noticed a beautiful mosaic in our CAC Theatre foyer. This masterpiece was a donation to CAC by Mr. Elhamy Naguib to honor his late wife and previous CAC teacher (from 1975 to 1987) Ms. Naguib. He named it “Paradise Before Sin”. Mr. Naguib is a nationally and internationally renowned artist who has travelled the world learning and teaching art and creative thinking to children and adults of all ages.
Mr. Naguib is the father of three talented CAC alumni, Silvana’00 (a current fellow at UCLA in Public Law), Camelia’93 ( An L.A.P.D. Investigator), and Wanis’96 (founder of his own marketing company).  

After Mr. Naguib earned his B.Sc. in Interior Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, he pursued his post-graduate studies in the History of Islamic Art and Architecture at the American University in Cairo. He also received an AAS degree in Graphics and commercial Art from Utah Valley Community College. Influenced by the work of Chagall, Miro, Klee and the richly illustrated islamic manuscripts, Naguib’s style combines mathematical precision with a childlike spontaneity.  His work has been featured in publications and exhibitions around the world. Some of his latest endeavours have been an exhibit called “Taste of Love”, the publishing of his travel book (sketches from his travels around the world from his unique perspective), and instructing a workshop that shows the power of the right side of the brain while creating.
He likes his work to be in people’s homes. He explains that, for this reason, his work has to be “more intimate, uplifting and appealing than some of the more idealistic works that would only fit in a museum”. Most do not know how representative of a mass audience they are. Some would argue, perhaps justifiably, that the integrity of art is compromised in order to appeal to the masses. Elhamy agrees, and adds that he does like “to push people a bit” whenever he can. By pushing people, he means that he likes to convince the observer indirectly to push past normal, conventional imagery. To learn more about Mr. Naguib click


This year, Mr. Naguib generously conducted a workshop for our students during Middle School Maker Day. He taught them how to make a real xylophone out of wood in our Design and Technology lab at CAC. Each student made his or her own xylophones from scratch, using lathes and heavy duty tools, and learned about its crafting history as well as how to work together as a team.  

Each year CAC holds three Maker Days to expand on and complement the strong Design Technology culture in the Middle School. Maker education is based on the principle that students develop thinking and problem-solving skills through developing creative ideas, collaborating with other students and engaging in hands-on making experiences. On each CAC Maker Day, students are offered a wide variety of maker spaces, each of which is equipped with different materials and tools for them to bring their ideas into reality. Middle school students participate with great enthusiasm and produce a wide range of creative, interesting and useful products. After each Maker Day it is inspiring to see all the work collected together with some impressive pieces coming from all maker spaces, including leather wallets, chairs, tables, robotic devices beautiful fashion garments, delicious food, cardboard puppets, storage units, laser cut clocks, 3D printed fidget spinners and date palm furniture, to name just a few from recent sessions. Opportunities such as these remind us of the creative talent and clever thinking of our Middle School students.
This year’s workshops included opportunities in Recycled Sports, Custom Scarves, Cardboard Arcade, Top Chef,  3-person puppets, Rubbish Instrument Rock-Out, Buttons, Rockets, String Constructions, Cake Decorating, Laser Cut Designs, Toy Making.
As an incentive, top performing students were sent to this years Maker Faire Cairo to participate in activities and workshops with other schools and experts in various fields.