Dear Alumni,

In the late 1970s, Mrs. Barbara Johnson, teacher of International Relations at CAC, began taking her class on an annual trip to the Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN). Shortly after that, in October of 1978, CAC held its first annual session for Cairo American College Model United Nations (CACMUN).

The first CACMUN conference took place in a very different world, in which decolonisation was still underway, the Arab-Israeli conflict was ongoing in the Middle East, and where Sadat’s infitah led to rapid development in Egypt. A lot has changed since then.

And here we are, forty years later, CAC continues hosting CACMUN and inviting hundreds of students from international schools to participate year after year. With CACMUN celebrating its 40th anniversary, we are given an opportunity to take a step back and celebrate the achievements of the students and teachers who contributed to this conference over the years. We have been given an opportunity to recognize those who have led CACMUN to be what it is today, a trailblazer within the realm of Model UN conferences in Egypt and the Middle East.

MUNLogoCACMUN’s 40th conference is scheduled to take place on the third weekend of October 2018 and we thought, who better to call to action than our alumni? We are currently planning exciting avenues through which CACMUN veterans can partake in the conference.

If you are interested in contributing, whether by attending the conference, sponsoring, or writing something about your experience with CACMUN, please contact the Alumni and Community Engagement Office at

 Our current student (and soon to be CAC Lifer- graduating class of 2019, as well as the Chair of this year's THIMUN that took place in the Hague) Seif Hikal will be leading next year's 40th CACMUN. To read a Scribe Paper interview with Seif about his experience at the latest THIMUN conference please click here.