Our Screaming Eagles Earn First Place In ISST Swimming and Coach Sayed Hassan Receives The Grell Award

HusseinOur Screaming Eagles have shown amazing sportsmanship and performance at this year's ISSTs. In the Fall season Boys' Volleyball won Division II Gold in Brussels. Cross Country Varsity Boys also took gold in Division II in Paris, where CAC runners placed first individually in both Varsity and Junior Boys' meets. Cross Country had an amazing meet, with Junior Boys taking Silver, and Varsity Girls taking Bronze. Boys soccer took silver in Division II in Brussels.  In the winter season, CAC Swimmers took Overall Gold as well as team first place in the Junior Boys', Junior Girls' and Varsity Boys' competitions. Girls' Basketball took Bronze in Division II in Amsterdam. Season three sports started March 15. (For more information about dates and locations of upcoming tournaments for the spring season 2017-2018 click here .  In the left hand photo is our alumnus Omar El Assir'16 attending an ISST tournament to cheer our eagles as they compete. If you are CAC alumni (student, teacher, or parent) and would like to come attend tournaments and cheer on our Eagles as they compete around the world, please sign up here  To know tournament results and highlights click here ).

More amazing athletic news worth sharing: Coach Sayed Hassan, coach of CAC swimmers from 1978 to 2016 received The Grell Award in honor of his outstanding service over the years.

The Grell Award is presented annually to a person who has made significant contributions to the ISST organization.  Dr. Lewis Grell was Superintendent of ASH during the 1970’s and was also the Chairman of ISST. The actual basis for ISST in its present format came from Dr. Grell, and he was certainly the major factor in establishing the organization as the foundation of many athletic programs.

Nominations can be initiated by any ISST Athletic Director, CAC's Scott Fitzgerald nominated Coach Sayed for this year's award. Coach Sayed received a plaque stating the nature of his outstanding service. “The Grell Award is presented annually by Dr. Lewis A. Grell, Founder Chairman of ISST and his children, Lewis ‘74, Holly ‘74, Lynn ‘75 and Jon ‘80, all of whom  participated in ISST activities and graduated from the American School of the Hague. It is presented in honor of, and in gratitude to their wife/mother Pamela Grell, and to all spouses/parents who support the ISST.  “Pamela Grell exemplified the spirit of ISST spouses/parents through her tireless support of ISST activities from 1972 through 1980. To her and the thousands of other moms, dads and spouses who support ISST we dedicate this award and extend our heartfelt “Thanks”.”