Dear Eagles Around the World!

Welcome to the Spring '18 Alumni Newsletter and thank you for taking the time to catch up on 'what's going on in Maadi'. 
CAC has had a busy year with several notable accomplishments. As always, learning is our focus and we continue to strive to provide students with an excellent learning environment, challenging curriculum, and opportunities for enrichment. This includes our robust field trip program for ES students via the Egypt Culture program. ES classes recently visited The Egyptian Museum and Mohamed Ali Mosque. CAC has added a Challenge and Enrichment Coordinator this year, and her role has been to work with teachers to ensure differentiation in instruction meeting the needs of our top learners, and providing enrichment activities for our kids. To this end, we will host our first World Scholars' Cup competition in April. 
Speaking of hosting, CAC has struggled in recent years to attract other schools to our campus for activities. We have been 'put on hold' in the ISST league since the Arab Spring, and continue to work to convince our European partner schools that Cairo and Maadi are safe and that CAC is ready to host. We took a good step in that direction when we hosted an ISTA (International Schools Theater Association) event here in March, which brought in participants from Brussels and Beirut. Immediately after that, we hosted a MathCounts competition, which brought in Middle School participants from Chennai, Abu Dhabi, Bombay, and New Delhi. We hope that these two successful events will help convince our ISST peers to bring tournaments back to Cairo. 
Our ISST performance this year has been outstanding--as always. With only 780 students, CAC has 'punched above its weight' in both seasons so far: The Fall season saw Boys' Volleyball win Div II Gold in Brussels. X-Country Varsity Boys also took gold in Division II in Paris, where CAC runners placed first individually in both Varsity and Junior Boys' meets. Cross Country had an amazing meet, with Junior Boys taking Silver, and Varsity Girls taking Bronze. Boys soccer took silver in Division II in Brussels.  In the winter season, CAC Swimmers took Overall Gold as well as team first place in Junior Boys', Junior Girls' and Varsity Boys' competition. Girls' Basketball took Bronze in Div II in Amsterdam. Season three sports start up March 15. 
The big campus improvement project, the HS renovation, continues to pose challenges, and we have not been able to meet our timeline on that project. The work is about 50% done as of this writing, and we are working to do what is necessary to finish with a quality product. Meanwhile, HS students continue to work alongside their MS and ES peers, relocated currently in three is not as bad as it sounds! The old MS building, scheduled for demolition, awaits permit approval. In a Catch-22 that you might appreciate, we've been told that, since we didn't get a permit to build it, we cannot be issued a permit to tear it down....despite the fact that it was built before the permitting process was established. 
Overall, CAC students continue to thrive, and to live our Mission to "Learn, Explore, and Have Fun". Seniors are getting in to their top choice colleges, schools all over the world, and the senior countdown is posted on the library window, one photo of each of our 78 seniors representing the 78 days until they walk across the stage at the Pyramids, sending yet another group of well prepared global citizens into the ranks of that very special group: Alumni of Cairo American College. 
All the best,
Wayne Rutherford
Head of School

(Mr. Rutherford has been the Head of School at CAC since August, 2012. His daughter Maya graduates in June this year, and his son Sam was on CAC's gold medal winning volleyball team in the fall. Sam will graduate in 2019).