The course is open to students in 9th through 12th grades.  It is designed to introduce students to the basics of photography, imaging, and design with an emphasis on aesthetic, technical, and critical thinking skills.  Students interested in exploring this influential and contemporary art form will learn to consider and manipulate the Elements and Principles of Art and Design to create strong and successful images.  The course is a full year and covers basic components of imaging: composition, exposure, archiving, editing, and displaying images.  Class projects are designed to provide contextual and historical inspiration as well as technical skill. Projects will be planned, executed, reflected on and critiqued by all participants while paying close attention to aesthetic qualities, enabling students to improve communication and understanding in both art and photography. In addition, the course introduces basic graphic and page design as well as mixed media skills, enabling students to understand the ways that photography can inform other subject areas.  Students will create and submit a portfolio that is representative of the year's body of work.  It is expected that students will take time on their own to capture the necessary images for class assignments.