The course is open to students in 10th through 12th grades who have previously taken Digital Arts 1. Digital Arts 2 is designed to build upon skills previously acquired.  This is a one year course with emphasis on advanced techniques of creating and using digital images focusing on aesthetic, conceptual and critical thinking abilities.  Students will examine the big ideas motivating contemporary photographic artists to inform and build upon their personal work.  Through hands-on projects, and digital manipulation using Adobe Software students will continue to develop technological skills while learning to develop their personal voice and meaning making.  Projects will be planned, executed, reflected on and critiqued by all participants while paying close attention to aesthetic qualities, enabling students to continue to improve communication and understanding in both art and photography.  Mid year, students will begin to compile a body of work centered on a theme of their choice.  They will be expected to maintain a blog, illustrating and detailing the ideas behind and process of each completed photograph.  A printed portfolio will be submitted at the end of the year of their concentrated theme.  It is expected that students will be highly motivated and able to work independently.