Application Forms
    •    Application Form - 
Please use Adobe Reader to fill in the application form electronically (typing in the information).
    •    Authorization for School Records
    •    PreK Parent Questionnaire
    •   KG Parent Questionnaire

Confidential Recommendation Forms

    •    Elementary School Confidential Teacher Recommendation/Reference  (PreK/Kindergarten)
    •    Elementary School Confidential Teacher Recommendation/Reference  (Grades 1-5)
    •    Middle and High School Counselor/Principal Recommendation  (Grades 6-11)
    •    Middle and High School Math Teacher Confidential Recommendation (Grades 6–11)
    •    Middle and High School English or Social Studies Teacher Confidential Recommendation (Grades 6–11)

Health Forms

    •    Student medical examination form, for the medical doctor to fill out. This form also includes the vaccination record
According to school policy all new students and students entering grades 3, 6 & 9 are required to have a physical done by a physician before the beginning of school. The physical should be dated no more than six months prior to their first day of school, and submitted on the CAC Medical Form = student medical examination form.
For new students the form should be handed in to the Admissions Office or the Health Office preferably on or before the first day of school. For returning students the form should be handed in preferably the first week of school in August.
Any student with a chronic disease (e.g. diabetes, cardiac conditions, epilepsy etc) must have a yearly physical examination by a physician.
There is a thirty-day grace period from the opening day of classes is provided to meet these requirements.




Danya 1 1We welcome your interest in Cairo American College, a private coeducational day school offering an American curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.  Like other private schools, we require information that helps us to determine whether there is a good match between our program of instruction and the applicant's educational needs.  This document is provided to assist you in the application process.

The Admissions office will begin accepting applications for the next academic year in February. Admission decisions for each new school year are made by May 31st . Applications received on or after June 1st will be notified of admission on or after August 1st depending on the availability of space. Students transferring from abroad will be considered for admission throughout the school year.

Families seeking admission for their children should make an appointment with the Director of Admissions. We are also happy to schedule a campus tour at your convenience.

Danya Amin
Registrar/Director of Admissions




The school has very limited academic support services. As with any applicant, those with special needs may be assessed to determine the appropriateness of admission based on their ability to succeed in the standard curriculum in a normal classroom setting, as required by school policy.

CAC seeks to offer an educational program which provides every student with the opportunity to succeed. Some students require additional support to meet grade level expectations, which might include the following: accommodations to the environment, equipment, or format; learning support services; ELL services; speech and language therapy; occupational therapy; counseling; etc.  

CAC can accommodate and provide support to students whose needs can be described as Level 1 or Level 2 (see Addendum for precise descriptions of each level).

The number of students that CAC can serve through its Student Support Services program and ELL program combined is limited to 20% of any grade level.

Students with emotional/ behavioral problems that require consistent attention cannot be served. At present, the lay-out of the campus prevents accommodation of some students requiring physical assistance.

  • Students with significant emotional/behavioral problems will not be admitted.
  • Non-native speakers of English who are not fluent in the language may be admitted if space is available in the ELL (English Language Learner) program. In the secondary school, admission to the ELL program also depends upon the applicant's achieving a sufficient score on the English language placement examination.  The ELL program must be successfully completed by the end of Grade 10.