New Accounts Information

CAC Moodle:

Moodle serves as a container for all our courses/classes and some collaborative team projects. It provides our teachers and students with a common virtual classroom space as we continue to develop a blended learning environment. It contains tools like online forums, quizzes, grade book and links to other online tools. Teachers commonly use it to manage and share course information, materials and assignments. Moodle is also our primary online learning platform in case of an emergency school closure. Actual use varies by division and course.

CAC Google Apps:

CAC Google Apps contain a variety of the well known Google tools for teachers and students to collaborate, store and share information. It serves as the primary student email account. Google Docs, forms, calendar, sites and other tools help to create a blended learning environment in many of our classes. It also provides each of our families with a school connected email address and access to student projects like e-portfolio in a private domain.

Destiny Library and Overdrive:

The Destiny Library catalogue system enables you to search for and use the other user functions in the library.  The Overdrive is a service which enables our users to borrow eBooks.  Both of these services are accessed using the Single Sign On portal.  



In Skyward You can check your child's grades, attendance, and schedules


How to Register a Personal Device

CAC is happy to provide our parents campus with access to our on campus WiFi access (Horus). You may register one of your personal WiFi enabled device access to the Internet while on the CAC campus. Once registered we will set our network to recognize your device. You can then set your device to remember our network and the password sent to you in a confirmation email.  In order to preserve our bandwidth, we are limiting this registration to one personal device per parent.

BYOD Specification


We have created a laptop friendly environment for student laptops and parent devices. Each CAC student, parent and teacher may register one device for wifi access while on the CAC Campus. ES and MS students can register their laptops through their divisional tech staff. HS student and all parents can register through a link sent in an email soon after they start school at CAC. Once registered, we configure our network to allow your device access to the Internet.

As CAC continues to evolve and improve in the 21st Century, it is important that students have access to the tools that will build their digital literacy skills. We work with our middle school students to build their responsibility, care and academic use of a laptop we provide. It is important for students to manage their own computing environment and this can only be done when the computer is owned by the user. Therefore we require our HS students to bring their family-owned laptops to school when needed for learning activities. Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD is a sustainable option for a 1:1 laptop program. We will continue to strongly recommend that all students use a family-owned device for learning.


The CAC Information Services program is designed to seamlessly integrate Technology and Information Literacy into all areas of learning. Together Technology and Library services support the vision, beliefs and values of the school, its divisions and operation with the use of technology and the possibilities that emerging technology creates as an elemental component of the learning and professional culture.

The library program promotes both a lifelong love of reading and a curriculum of skills for the 21st century learner. In a world awash in information, we strive to teach our patrons the ability to find and use information and ideas effectively.  To serve the school community, the CAC Library has a collection of over 60,000 books and A/V items, along with a wealth of computers and online resources, including a collection of over 50,000 eBooks.  The ES and MHS libraries also offer areas suitable for large and small group instruction and collaboration as well as independent study areas.

The Technology Department strives toward the seamless integration of technology in every division of the school.  It supports the high school instructional program with computer labs and mobile laptop carts, a Design Technology Center, and a current program of  BYOD Laptops.  The Middle School features a 1 to1 school owned laptop program, high-end computer lab and a Design Tech Center.  The Elementary School features computers in every classroom, computer labs, and a 1 to 1 ratio of laptops for learning in grades 3-5. An early years "iPads for Learning" program is being piloted. Our integrated curriculum focuses on Information Literacy, Media Literacy and ICT Literacy. CAC maintains a fully wired and wireless computer network. Access points can be found throughout the campus in most rooms and easily extends to external areas and the sports fields. The network provides anytime, anywhere Internet access to all registered CAC network users. File storage and printing services are also available on a restricted basis. Each member of the faculty and all students have a school account for access to network services, student email and online applications. These tools provide easy access to information, media, and ICT applications used for communication and collaboration between students, parents, and faculty.

Combined, these programs and devices have created a 21st Century School environment ready for teachers and students to explore and practice their creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving skills while confronting the challenges of this century.

Our program is not about the number of devices per student. It's about how these devices add to the interactions a teacher has with each student and students have with each other.