Performing Arts

Performing Arts


Association for Music in International School

CAC Hosts ISTA HS Festival, February 1-3, 2018



International Schools Theatre Association

Beginning with a research trip along the Nile and a visit to one of the oldest temple and pyramid complexes next to the river. This is an opportunity to explore every facet of this magnificent location. A festival that will look to deeply interrogate the possibilities of site specific theatre. Asking how can we fully utilise every theatre making possibility in such an extraordinary setting? How can we do justice to the stories of such a stunning location? Culminating in a site specific performance on the Nile itself, on the large decks of huge boats on this most famous of rivers.


• Schutz American School
• ACS Beirut
• New Cairo British International School
• American International School in Egypt – West Campus
• St John’s International School
• Cairo American College





CAC's long history in the performing arts continues in the classroom and on the stage. Student performers and technicians are provided opportunities to hone their skills and showcase their talents in a phenomenal space, the CAC Theater. Through relationships with the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) and the Association for Music in International School (AMIS), our students connect and collaborate with students from across the world. Please enjoy learning about the programs, facilities, and faculty that make CAC a rich environment for the performing arts.