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Faculty in the Spotlight - Lorna Mills 


IMG 2702This article highlights another perspective of a current CAC teacher, who tells us all about her experience at CAC and in Egypt. Having just moved here with her family one year ago, Lorna Mills Ossman is a mother of 3 boys whose husband, Brian Ossman is also a Middle School Maths teacher at the school. The 3 boys also go to CAC. 

Lorna is a Brit born in South Africa, who grew up between South Africa, Botswana, England, Chile and later on married a Minnesotan. She considers herself a third culture adult or more accurately a citizen of the world. One of Lorna’s goals is to give her boys the same open-minded worldly experience that she had growing up. “We had already heard a great deal about CAC through colleagues in Doha and Chile so when we started looking to relocate to Africa, Egypt and CAC were on top of our list,” she explains.

The two parents are now teachers at CAC, and the school was happy to welcome the Ossmann family. When we asked Lorna what, in her opinion, makes moving to Egypt and working at CAC so special, she responded; “The community. The very first thing that comes to my mind when I think about our decision to move here, is how amazing the CAC community is.” This year, Brian  suffered an accident outside of work that led to him being hospitalized for a few days. “The principals' main concern was that we were okay as a family. Instead of focusing on who would be filling in Brian’s position, they knew we were professional enough to take care of that, instead they put our wellbeing first,” she added. 

IMG 2546The kids, who were studying Ancient Egyptian Civilization, were super excited when they learned that they would be moving to Egypt. They wanted to go visit all the incredible historical sites that they had been learning about.

Their first year at CAC was very different from this year, as they came to Egypt in 2020. Last year, the school (as well as the government in general) had very strict mitigation measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, this year feels like their first year as their kids can now go to school every day and meet their friends and even travel around and explore the country. 

Naturally, one of the very first trips they took was to the Great Pyramids of Giza. The family had a blast, and Lorna distinctly recalls how fascinating it was to go inside one of the pyramids. While they were excited to come to Egypt, still the outcome has so far exceeded their expectations. As they started travelling more around the country, and discovering their soon to be favorite spots. 

“After we went to the Pyramids, the children were ecstatic. Later on in the year, we were able to visit Sharm el Sheikh, which they enjoyed so much. They started calling up their friends who live abroad and telling them all about their trips and visits here,” added Lorna.

“Basically, CAC is the first school that I have been to, where it is all about the wellness of the students, the teachers and the parents,” she noted. This kind of family bonding is what CAC prides itself on. Our community is a family, bringing together people from all over the world, and providing them a family, a home and a place to work and grow. 












Our teachers are dedicated, passionate and excited by the prospect of working within an international, diverse community.

Our strong team of educators, many holding advanced degrees, brings a great deal of teaching experience gained from around the world in multicultural school environments. Professional development is an ongoing priority at CAC as we believe a school flourishes when its teachers are committed to lifelong learning.

If you are a fully-qualified teacher interested in a challenging and rewarding teaching experience in an international school in a unique location like Egypt, click here to get in touch and browse our list of job opportunities. 

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