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Trip Description: While it is no secret Egypt is rich in culture and history, it is also home to some of the best diving locations in the world. This Week Without Walls CAC has partnered with Deco Divers to offer a comprehensive underwater student experience in Marsa Alam. Throughout the week students will learn, explore, and have fun above and below water by completing scuba certification courses, enjoying excursions to the desert and dolphin house, and completing PADI’s Project AWARE conservation awareness program.


Scuba Diving: A wide variety of scuba diving options are available for students, ranging from an initial open water course for entry level divers, to advanced, rescue, and speciality courses for already certified divers. Students will complete at least 3 dives per day.  


  • Open Water Certification: The Open Water Diver course is the entry level course for individuals 10 years and older. Through this course you will develop a strong understanding of the basic principles of scuba diving, while practicing basic scuba skills in confined and open water. Students will be required to complete the PADI online e-learning module, five confined water skill sessions, and four open water dives.


  • Advanced Water Certification: The advanced open water diver course can be taken after completing the Open Water Diver certification. It is designed to advance your diving knowledge and skills through a wide variety of Adventure Dives. Divers will be required to complete the mandatory deep and underwater navigation dives, and select three additional dives. Other options are: boat, drift, night, search and recovery, and underwater naturalist. Speciality options will depend on instructor qualifications and sea conditions.


  • Rescue Diver Certification: Through the Rescue Diver course, divers will learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, become more confident in their skills as a diver, and gain confidence in helping others. The topics included in this course are: self rescue, recognizing and managing stress in other divers, emergency management and equipment, rescuing a panicked diver, and rescuing an unresponsive diver. Combined with the EFR course, the diver learns the skills needed to administer first aid to victims once out of the water, completing the full cycle of being a rescue diver.


  • Certified Diver: All ready certified and looking to explore new dive locations in Egypt? Already certified divers are welcomed to join the trip and enjoy a fun week in Marsa Alam. Divers can expect at least 3 dives per day, depending on certification level.


Accommodations: Students will stay at Marsa Nakari Village, an eco-friendly village in Marsa Alam. It’s location provides a rare opportunity for students to explore some of Egypt’s most pristine marine ecosystems. Students will be housed in a double room and provided full board accommodations.


Student Activities: Throughout the week students will explore Egypt’s deep south above and below water, and participate in a variety of activities to raise conservation awareness. Students will have an afternoon excursion to explore Wadi Gemal and a full day boat excursion to the local dolphin house to scuba dive and snorkel with dolphins. Lastly, a variety of conservation projects will be incorporated into the diving activities to promote the protection of coral reefs and marine life through PADI’s Project AWARE program.


Itinerary: All e-learning modules must be completed before October 4th.

  • Pool Session @ CAC

  • No Activities (SAT Examination)

  • Travel to Marsa Alam

  • Diving at Marsa Nakari

  • Boat Excursion to Dolphin House

  • Travel to Cairo


Price: Includes accommodations, transportation, course materials, equipment rental, and dive insurance. Does not include tips.

  • Open Water: LE 29,000

  • Advanced Diver: LE 28,100

  • Rescue Diver: LE 31,400

  • Certified Diver: LE 26,400


Fitness Level: Must be a good swimmer.



1 Midan Digla, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt


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