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National Honor Society

National Honor Society

Section 5: Selection Process

1.  One or two weeks after the second semester report cards are released, the NHS advisor will work with administration to generate a list of students who have a 3.5 cumulative GPA and have been enrolled at CAC for three consecutive semesters.

2.  The NHS advisor will send an invitation and application to all eligible students.

3.  Applicants will be asked to provide three references. NHS advisor will contact the references.

4.  A list of applicants will be made available to teachers. Any teacher with an objection should contact the advisor or administration.

5.  Current NHS members and faculty council will meet to review and rate portions of the application.

6.  Faculty council will meet to discuss and vote on applicants. According to national NHS rules, the faculty council consists of five teachers appointed by the principal. Students must get three ‘yes’ votes to be nominated.

7.  A list of accepted nominees will be sent to the assistant principal and principal for review. They may veto any candidate.

8.  After the nominees have been approved by the principal and assistant principal, NHS advisor will contact all applicants and their families.

9.  The decision of the faculty council is final. CAC has no appeal procedure.

10.  According the national NHS rules, all nominees must attend the induction ceremony to be official members of NHS.

Section 4: Committees

4.1  Ad-hoc committees for special events
  4.1  Rules committee
     4.4.1    Appointed by the officers
     4.4.2    Proposes amendments to the bylaws or formulate needed legislation for the Society.

  4.2  Activities committee (for different events)
     4.2.1    Volunteer members
     4.2.2    Brainstorm and propose activities or service projects for the society to develop.
     4.2.3    Organize and plan projects

Section 3: Meetings and Attendance

3.1   A meeting of the entire group will be held weekly, either during a lunch period or any other convenient time.

3.2   If none of the officers can attend a meeting, the President will appoint an acting president to run the meeting.

3.3   Students may have no more than two unexcused absences per semester. After the first unexcused absence, the faculty advisor will issue an official warning. If a second unexcused absence occurs, the issue will be referred to the Faculty Council, and the member risks losing NHS membership.

3.4   A quorum consists of two-thirds of the members.



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