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CAC's Board of Trustees sets the policy regarding access to campus. The Lifetime Alumni ID grants access to campus facilities like the Hassan/Webb Aquatics Center, gym, track, weight room, and library. For the purpose of obtaining your free Lifetime Alumni ID, alumni is defined as:
  • Any student that attended CAC for two years or more, even if he or she did not graduate from CAC.
  • Any student that graduated from CAC, even if he or she only attended 12th grade.
  • Parents of alumni (of graduates and/or students who attended at least two years) 
  • Former faculty & support staff who were employed by CAC for five years or more, and their spouses and children.

For the purpose of obtaining a discounted Non-Affiliate ID for your spouse or family member, the annual fee for alumni families is $100 per family member or $500 for the whole family. Annual memberships begin each September. For more information regarding ID cards and facilities, contact us


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