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Public Arts Class Project: Our Middle Schoolers Embracing Diversity

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Our Middle Schoolers took part in an incredible art project last year with Ms. Genidy, as part of their Public Arts Class. Reflecting on one of the most unique and valuable traits of CAC; diversity, the students took to painting positive words in different languages from all over the world.  Students were placed together in groups. They were given a task to choose one positive word from any language in the world and to paint it inside a standard-sized circle. This meant that students would have to look at several different options for words, to find the one that best fits the size of the circular banner. 

Our students, who are very passionate about what they do here, took the time to research and work together in groups to come up with these words and their meanings. They searched online, and then went to fellow school colleagues from the respective countries to verify that the word is accurate and properly used. The project created a beautiful sense of belonging and of social interaction among the students, while highlighting the diversity of our wonderful CAC community.  The project was launched and executed in the year 2017-2018. It has been re-made again this year. Ms. Genidy saw to it that these artworks by the students are put up on one of our most visible iconic buildings on campus. We are especially proud of our MS students for working on this project. Go Eagles! 

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