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PreK 3 and KG both enjoyed a fun day at school where they got their own farm visit experience. Due to Covid-19 mitigation measures, and because the learning and fun never stop at CAC, our ES staff took the initiative to bring over a small farm for the students to see on campus. 

In PYP KG program, the students had just started learning a new unit of inquiry; Sharing the Planet. The central idea is to study how living beings rely on their environments to survive. As a part of their exploration and inquiry cycle, students had the opportunity to experience a visit from the ArtyScience Farm. During the farm's visit, students were able to see some living farm animals commonly found in Egypt, ask questions as well as learn more about the animal's needs from our guests. Students also drew diagrams of the animals seen, and took notes in their journals in regards to the animals’ needs or any other interesting facts they learned. 

Simultaneously, our PreK 3 students were also learning about Egyptian farms, as part of their Egypt Culture Curriculum. They were learning the importance of animals and birds such as sheep, rabbits, goats, chickens, and ducks in Egyptian culture. They were also learning about the most important plants and crops in Egypt. The farm gave the children some first-hand knowledge of concepts they had been working on in class.

It was a wonderful morning of learning for our Pre-K students. It was so heart-warming to see the youngest children standing anxiously at the windows of their classrooms waiting for the animals to arrive.

The students were able to spend time feeding goats, a duck and goose, chickens and rabbits. They were also able to pet chicks and baby pigeons as they learned about the different features of the animals that enable them to thrive in different environments. The children also had the opportunity to plant foul beans, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, and sweet potato in their playground at school, so they can watch them as they grow.

PreK 3 students have continued to share their understandings on what resources from our planet are used in different ways. The teachers have discussed what products come from trees and the many different ways that water, metal, plastics and oil derivatives can be used. The students took a walk around the school and identified natural items versus man made items and the links between them.

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 HS Building  HS Building


In collaboration with world renowned architects, Cairo American College has completed the renovation of its high school building. The newly renovated building has been designed to stimulate critical thinking, promote collaboration and provide an abundance of adaptive learning spaces to bring learning outside of the classroom. The building is now back to life, buzzing with the sound of students excited to explore their new learning space. 



Here are some of the key design features present in
our newly renovated high school building: 

Reading Rooms
A vaulted ceiling study space with natural skylights, to provide a private and spacious study area for students. 

Group Study Rooms
Designed to facilitate small group collaboration in individual spaces.

Interior Arts and Speech Performance Stage
An open-area stage to promote and enhance students' confidence and inventiveness.

Smart Boards
CAC is now the first school in the country to have 42 smart boards provided inside the classrooms,
providing a more interactive learning experience for our students.

Break Out Spaces
These smaller rooms are designed to be more informal and comfortable,
encouraging the students to continue in-class discussions, outside of their classrooms.  

Harkness Instruction
CAC adopted discussion-based, student-led learning at the Harkness Table eight years ago. Students learn through discussion; developing the critical skills of listening, reflecting, and speaking. CAC continues to be one of only a handful of international schools in the world, and the only school in Egypt,
deeply committed to ‘the power of the Oval Table’. Watch this video to learn more about the Harkness method at CAC.

Paint Schemes
The color palette used for the interior and exterior of the building was carefully chosen from an array of colors that are proven
to stimulate thinking and hold students' attention. 

Industrial Ceilings
Science labs and Art studios' ceilings were designed to showcase the internal workings of structural buildings,
piquing students' interest in mathematics, chemistry, physics as well as design and art. 

Shaded Patio
This is a shaded lounge / patio area surrounding the whole upper floor. It is a space where the students can relax,
take a break or even use during classes as an extended outdoor learning area. 

Design Thinking Workshop
This space is designed in a way to invite creativity and induce innovation.

Finally, with environmental sustainability in mind the building is equipped with solar-powered water heating,
sensor enabled lighting, and recycled/refurbished marble countertops from the old middle school building. 

Compassion, being one of CAC's core values, is one of the most important values our school is constantly looking to instill and develop in our students starting at a very young age.  Our Service Learning Office facilitates relationships and communication with external parties like charities, orphanages, hospitals and various NGOs.  


CAC Giving Back CAC Giving Back CAC Giving Back


Here is a glimpse of some of the very rewarding projects that we have been working on since the beginning of the school year across the three divisions: 


CAC Giving BackElementary School: This year, the CAC PTO decided to support Abu Al Reesh Public Children Hospital. This project is meant to be an ongoing collaboration with the hospital, making it the PTO’s champion for the year. Working together with our Service Learning Coordinator, a team of students volunteered to pave the way for making the Children’s Hospital the main recipient of CAC donations.

Right before our winter break and Christmas vacation, our younger students were successful in collecting and packing 445 Christmas gift bags for their friends at the hospital. These bags consisted of toys that were donated by all the divisions across the school. The best part of this specific project was the extra effort our students put into personally customizing each bag by leaving messages and decorating each one. We are so proud of our younger students for sharing the Christmas joy with their friends in the hospital.


Middle School: Our middle schoolers also did a very impressive job raising funds through games and competitions between the different clubs in the Middle School. These funds were used to buy essentials for the African Hope Foundation. CAC has had a long term relationship with the African Learning Center, which is meant to provide education and support African refugees in Egypt.  These supplies were prepared by our wonderful volunteers and delivered to African Hope Foundation


High School: Our older high schoolers did their part as well. They did an amazing job raising enough funds to cover the school education of two students in collaboration with Educate Me Foundation. These funds were in fact raised by a HS project through an annual alumni grant. Educate Me operates a community school in Talbeya, Giza and runs training and development programs for both public school teachers and students across a number of governorates. 


Our students continue to make us proud as they pour their hearts into giving back to their community, and being proud representatives of our own CAC community. 










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