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Strategic Pillar 1: Programs

CAC has a rich history of establishing and maintaining programs that serve the educational needs of our diverse community.  Through embracing our traditions, being conscious of the critical present, and building toward an unwritten future, CAC will enhance current and implement new programs that are innovative, ambitious, and visionary

Strategy 1:
Cultivate programs, activities, and events that engage our extended community to strengthen a culture of collaboration and sense of belonging 

Strategy 2:
Explore and develop innovative opportunities to prepare students and build character for success in a rapidly changing world 

Strategy 3: 
Ensure the ongoing alignment of the PK-12 curriculum

Strategic Pillar 2: Well-being

CAC recognizes that a community prioritizing well-being cultivates flourishing citizens. We consistently and intentionally seek to enhance relationships, foster deep and enduring engagement with learning, promote meaningful contribution to the community and develop healthy balanced individuals whose commitment to lifelong well-being makes the world around them a better place.

Strategy 1:
Further develop and institutionalize CAC’s positive education based well-being program for students, faculty, staff

Strategy 2:
Study the relationship between learning and architecture to design spaces that positively influence community well-being and enhance learning

Strategic Pillar 3: International-Mindedness

CAC values cultural, intellectual, and social diversity. International mindedness underpins the pursuit of authentic and inclusive actions that nurture global citizens who embrace and respect a spirit of empathy, communication, and compassion.

Strategy 1:
Embed diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in the curriculum and programs

Strategy 2:
Promote intercultural understanding and collaboration through multilingualism, celebrating cultural literacy, and instilling skills to adapt to different cultural contexts

Strategy 3:
Study contemporary global issues through environmental and social action


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