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CAC’s philosophy is to push for a balanced use of age-appropriate technology and innovation to enhance and support the education/learning experience. Technology today offers a virtual window to the outside world with endless learning resources. For this reason, they are used in a way that encourages student agency over their own learning process, while coaching students to be responsible creators and discerning users of information.

Technology today is a vital part of our students’ everyday lives. Wherever they end up in their lives, there is no escape from the exposure to different means of technology. At this stage, the students have already developed a good sense of the responsible and safe use of devices, and are ready to start exploring more and more technological devices used in the classroom.

A Culture of Collaboration

CAC is a Google School, empowering students and faculty to work in an inclusive and collaborative learning environment.








School Owned iPad Program

Each student in PK - grade 2 is assigned one iPad for their learning in the classroom. Teachers use them to provide activities that promote exploration of the concepts and skills that are being taught.

School Owned Laptop Program

Students in grades 3-5 are assigned an appropriate device to use in their classrooms to support them with research, exploration and other tech related educational needs.


School Owned Laptop Program

Students in grades 6 are provided with a Macbook Air for them to use during the year. The students can take it home to aid and support them in their learning inside and outside the classroom, and return them to the IT department at the end of the year.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

As we continue to streamline the use of technology in the classroom we will be phasing in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program in the middle school. Starting from grade 7, onwards, the laptop program shifts to BYOD. This step provides more flexibility in device selection based on personal preferences. In addition the laptops are not turned in for the summer, and the students are local administrators and can install software of their choice. This also means that one computer can be used to serve both home and school needs, and that the students have a larger responsibility to care for their own devices. 

  • • All students should bring a reliable, fully charged laptop to school each day
  • • CAC will provide access to required softwars at no cost to students
  • • The Tech Department will facilitate laptop repairs by providing loaners for up to two weeks and a drop off, quote, repair and return system (see details)
  • • Families have the option to lease Laptops from CAC for one year ($200 fee, see information)


CAC recommends an Apple Macbook that can run the current MacOS system, also a PC Laptop with Windows 10 or higher (English language only) can be suitable.
Chromebooks and Ipads are not allowed. 
Battery needs to last during the entire day of work. please make sure it comes in good condition.
Please also consider the weight as the device will be moving among classrooms, so heavy laptops are not the best idea.

Memory (RAM)
- 8 GB or more  is strongly suggested

* Lack of RAM can result in severe degradation in speed for the students.


Audio / Video
- Students will need headphones or earphones as well as a built-in or external microphone.
- Web camera

- Must be suited to touch typing. (Keyboards used in school are with United States layout.)

CAC has a modern wireless network compatible with most of the latest technologies available, any modern laptop nowadays will have good compatibility.

Any reliable laptop will fulfill the needs of the program. Using a new laptop is not necessary. The 13-inch MacBook Air is the recommended model but others are acceptable also (see information).

Most of the software, below are free or open source.
- Browsers: Latest English version of Firefox and Google Chrome
- Plugins: Latest versions of Flash, Java, Silverlight
- Acrobat PDF Reader 10 or above or Foxit Reader
- Office suite such as MS Office, iWork, OpenOffice 3.2
- VLC Media Player
- Antivirus (Free versions such as AVG or avast! are sufficient)
- Students should have sufficient rights to update and install appropriate software

Our Technology Department is happy to take an initial look at student machines. We also provide an optional service system for students who wish to drop off their laptop and receive a quote for repairs through our school-approved repair company.

In most MS and HS classes, students are required to use technology when appropriate. The preference of some students to use laptops for note-taking and other routine uses will be respected, but there will be times when teachers will ask all students to comply with a “lids down” or “no laptops for this next activity” request.










Laptops For Students
iPads for ES Lower Grades


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