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The Student Ambassador Club members help new students with their transition to CAC. Ambassadors participate in the New Student Orientation, helping the new students understand their schedule, tour the campus, and answer any questions they may have about CAC or Cairo. Ambassadors also assist the counselors with the University Admissions representative visits, acting as a helper and student representative for that visitor. Ambassadors are expected to model the CAC core values in their capacity.

The club will essentially revolve around the participants engaging in watching, discussing and analyzing different kinds of anime and how it has been made. From art style, to character development, symbolism and script. The growing popularity of the topic in this generation is very immense and this would be a great opportunity to formally engage in it in CAC. As manga is already offered in the library we feel anime would be a popular addition to the clubs in CAC.

The club members organize and create educational programs with a school called Tawasol and teach them all about engineering.


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