This course is open for 9th through 12th grade students. The focus of the course is on the theory and practical application of technical theater, including theater design, scenery design and construction, costumes, props, stage lighting, and sound/audio techniques. Students in this course are an integral part of the theater program at CAC. Students will be trained in the safe operation of theater equipment and will be responsible for the technical support for shows and other functions which take place in the theater.
PLEASE NOTE: This course will require considerable time after school and/or on certain weekends when students are working backstage for school productions. All students will be required to work backstage for at least one production during the course of the semester unless otherwise notified by the teacher.
Prerequisites: Teacher approval
Credit: 0.5 credit
Length of Course: 1 semester (1st or 2nd semester and may be repeated for credit)
Recommendations: Experience in art, drafting, woodworking, or electricity will be
helpful but is not necessary.