Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

4: Facilities and Resources

CAC offers inspiring facilities that support learning, wellness, and community; our resources are used efficiently and allocated to support our mission.
•    Goal 4.1 Phase III of CAC’s Master Plan is completed by August 2017.
•    Goal 4.2 CAC regularly reviews and updates its master plan to ensure that school facilities support and inspire 22nd-century learning.
•    Goal 4.3 CAC has a long-¬term maintenance plan that ensures annual review and improvement of the physical plant.
•    Goal 4.4 CAC’s Office of Alumni and Community Engagement meets agreed¬-upon fundraising, communications, and alumni and community engagement targets.
•    Goal 4.5 CAC’s resources are allocated efficiently and in a manner aligned with both the CAC Mission and our financial and population realities.

3: Community

CAC cultivates diversity and interconnectedness in our community.
•    Goal 3.1 CAC promotes discovery and appreciation of the rich culture and history of Cairo and Egypt.
•    Goal 3.2 CAC creates a complementary culture between home and school that reinforces the CAC Mission.
•    Goal 3.3 CAC enhances relationships in our community across cultural boundaries.

2: Teachers and Educators

CAC attracts and develops passionate and exemplary educators.
•    Goal 2.1 CAC has a top-tier professional development program.
•    Goal 2.2 CAC enhances teacher well¬being and enjoyment of life in Egypt.

1: Learning

CAC positively contributes to the community through a rigorous and authentic educational program.
•    Goal 1.1 Students consistently embody CAC Core Values inside and outside of the classroom.
•    Goal 1.2 CAC students identify problems and needs, and develop, test, and implement solutions.
•    Goal 1.3 All students are being challenged to grow in a variety of ways.
•    Goal 1.4 All students engage in meaningful community service.
•    Goal 1.5 CAC’s curriculum is fully documented.
•    Goal 1.6 CAC values all positive forms of learning and achievement.