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HS Program Highlight: Flex block 

HS Flex Block

Scheduled free blocks of time in the school day provides CAC HS students with a break from academic demands, which helps reduce stress and prevent burnout. This time can be used for self-care activities, such as exercise, mindfulness, or spending time with friends, which helps our students feel more relaxed and refreshed. Additionally, scheduled free blocks of time provide students with opportunities to pursue their interests and passions, such as participating in clubs or pursuing hobbies, which promotes a sense of fulfillment and engagement. Finally, free blocks of time provide our CAC HS students with more flexibility in managing their time, which helps reduce the pressure of balancing academic and extracurricular demands.


HS Programs that Promote Well-being 

Student-Led Initiatives

  • Multiple Graduation Pathways - personalized approach
  • Comprehensive Counseling Program
  • HS athletics, arts, & activities programs 
    • Member ISAA European athletic league
  • Week Without Walls
  • ELL and LSS Programs
  • School Psychologist
  • Grade 9 Seminar 
  • Digital Citizenship program
  • G9/10 PE and Health Classes 
  • Electives
  • IB Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)
  • Homeroom - Positive Education 

  • Build agency, a sense of community, and belonging.
  • Student Council: Fully student-led with faculty advisory support. 
  • Global Issues and Service Club: Student-led service-based project/initiative club.
  • IB CAS projects across the HS demand and teach student agency and leadership.
  • CAC Internship Program: Students set their own direction and goals. 
  • “Faculty facilitated” student opportunities- Girls Get Strong peer-to-peer sessions 
  • Peer Tutoring Services provided by NHS students
  • Green Team - Environmental and Sustainability focussed advocacy group.

Activities and Special Events

Scheduling and Organization

  • Celebration assemblies
  • Spirit Week
  • Prom
  • PTO Events
  • PTO International Fair 
  • World Scholar Cup
  • Papyrus Literary Magazine
  • Extended Essay Celebration
  • Theater productions
  • Pack the Gym/Flood the Field etc. Community building events
  • New Family Orientation/student ambassadors 
  • Senior Seminar

  • American assessment and grading practices, while supporting the IBDP
  • Faculty/Student 1:10 Ratio
  • Counselor/Student Ratio 1:115
  • Class Size limits of 22
  • Science Department Lab assistant
  • Grade 9 Study Hall (Pre-flex)
  • Flex Block
  • Rotating Block Schedule
  • Teachers have daily flex time - allows for time to plan and collaborate
    • Every other day HS teachers have half day teaching schedule 
  • Collaborative Planning Time built into schedule
  • Extended break-times between classes
  • Off-campus lunch privilege
  • Assessment calendar and shared calendars helps for well-being “peace of mind” and planning clarity
  • Homeroom time for students to connect and get ready for the day


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