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We often talk about how  negatively the pandemic has impacted students worldwide but we can’t forget that there are students who came away with a feeling of gratitude and as a result, are happy and are seeking ways to give back to their community. A group of middle school students at Cairo American College have come up with a wonderful initiative that provides English lessons to fellow students from national schools in Egypt. Instead of going off on summer holiday with their family In collaboration with Alsohba Foundation ( and with the approval from the MInistry of Education) this initiative allowed our students to partake in five weekly lessons in a specific public school, located in the Heliopolis district. Each volunteer got to hire one co-teacher and was responsible for tutoring 2- 3 students from the national school.







With the support of their parents, the CAC community is very proud of the overwhelmingly positive outcome. 

The lessons ended up not only teaching them proper grammar and pronunciation, but also teaching them self-confidence and respect. Both the tutors and the students alike were very excited to go back to their families at home to tell them all about their learning experience. 





MS Students Sharing their Learning 

When one of the CAC parents spoke to some of the national students’ parents, we were told how happy and proud they were of the outcome.

Well done to our heroes of the summer - the MS volunteers!


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